A message for the Rotary Family about the Rotary Student Travel Policy for both STEP and Youth Exchange Students.

Sales of new policies has been halted until we know more about the travel restrictions all countries have in place due to Covid 19.

For those students who are currently insured under the program:

  • Any student who becomes ill and requires non-discretionary medical help will be covered under the policy, if they are still on their exchange.
  • For those students who are returning to their home country, coverage ceases as soon as they land in their home country, regardless of why they returned home.

We are waiting for more information from underwriters about the coverage available to the students who are returning to their home countries earlier than planned either by order of the country that the students return home or by order of the home country that students return home.  Due to the fact that the insurance underwriters are also under Covid 19 restrictions, it may take some time to determine exactly what can be done.  Please be patient and advise all students that they should retain all paperwork regarding their return home, including boarding passes and receipts for any cost incurred and any messages, emails or other direction to return home.  Please remember that the normal costs to return the students home at the end of their exchange will not be covered as they are part of the costs of the program.

We will keep you up dated as the situation evolves.  If you want or need to talk to us please contact:


InsureLine Brokers Inc.
Monica Woldring
[email protected]
Telephone  1 888 8006 8090 Ext 205
Direct Line 604 554 1615
Cell  604 782 4533